My Name is Sam Aidun and I Love the Catering Industry

Sam Aidun

There is something intriguingly great and fascinating about the Catering Industry and its people.

1) Caterers appeal to all the senses with amazing food creations, lasting fun, and unforgettable memories – true Masters of Ceremony.

2) Caterers are literally experts in having a good time…and that’s kind of cool. That’s REALLY COOL.

3) The fact that Caterers work under extremely high-stakes circumstances like weddings, VIP special events (red carpet, political, etc), high-power corporate meetings, passages to manhood and womanhood etc., makes for a very important and necessary profession – one that is often overlooked and under-appreciated.

As the founder of, my vision is to highlight the Catering Industry’s unique creators. The folks who dedicate their lives to making your special occasions unforgetable. Caterers, the creators of inspiring events, food, friendships and memories.

My goal is to bring more awareness to this special group of professionals who are there for us during our most important, meaningful, and life-changing moments. Our national directory is growing everyday and we welcome new caterers to come on board.

By featuring and focusing on the caterer, my goal is to make available the seen and unseen benefits of each individual caterer so they can be found as a perfect match you when you need them.

With gratitude, may we savor every experience.

Sam Aidun