“So Divine” Alexis Kemp is the executive chef and owner of So Divine Catering in Woodland Hills, California, just outside of Los Angeles.  Chef Kemp has always had a passion for fresh and beautiful food, cooking, and the culinary arts.  Her philosophy of ‘fresh ingredients cooked simply’ paradoxically allows her to create sophisticated tasting food out of familiar ingredients.

Chef Kept’s subtle approach with laser-like attention to detail allows her to do the impossible – like the time she catered her first big wedding of 200 guests with 3 staff members.

At So Divine Catering, Alexis’ first focus is on the client.  Chef Kemp makes sure to actively participate in every part of the business to ensure that the food, ambiance, decor, service and presentation are nothing less than “So Divine”.

Wouldn’t you like your catering to be So Divine Catering.