Chef Jason Ivener, chef and owner of Artful Foods Catering takes great pride is his ability to customize menus and tailor events in a way that resonates very well individual tastes. Chef Jason does this with exceptional attention to detail. A special theme or type of cuisine can make the difference. Empowering dietary choices are always respected. Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and raw culinary creations are available and customizable. Wine pairings are also offered.

What makes Chef Jason Ivener unique is his combination of experience in large private homes for high society individuals to fine restaurants and hotels. As a private chef for over ten years, he was also responsible for the event planning.

Chef Jason Ivener has substantial in-house experience that enables him to relate to the needs of his private and corporate clients exceptionally well..

Artful Foods Catering offers innovative contemporary California cuisine infused with Asian touches and a Mediterranean flair, popular flavors that everyone will enjoy, and talk about long after the meal.

That’s how good memories are made.

Enjoy fresh, gourmet-healthy cuisine, customized seasonal menus, personal service and the luxury of fine dining in the comfort and privacy of your own home.